The art that is created today is how this time period will be viewed tomorrow. We want to make a difference in the lives of artists as well as a positive change in the world.

"Skies" 2021 Show

This show will run March 1-31, 2021. Artists from around the world were called to submit their work. There were 86 accepted works and they came from 10 different states in the USA, as well as 15 other countries: Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. A variety of styles and mediums were entered, including but not limited to acrylic, collage, cross stitch, mixed media, oil, pastel, photography, and watercolor. The judging criterion was originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium. Other factors, such as the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online, as well as relating to the theme, also contributed to our decision. “Best of Show”, “First Place”, and “Second Place” winners received a monetary award in addition to special recognition.

We were very happy to donate 10% of all entry fees from this show to SERRV International. SERRV is a nonprofit organization with a mission to eradicate poverty wherever it resides by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide. For more information, please visit their website Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, LLC is not affiliated with SERRV International. It is our hope that this small act of kindness will blossom and grow to help someone else.

Thank you to all the artists who participated! Your talents and skills gave us a diverse body of work to create this attractive show.

Buyers- Please contact the artists directly for sales. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission, it is solely between the buyer and artist. You may find a link to the artist’s website or email address below their work.

In 2003, I was born in Bashkiria. Graduated from the Republican Artistic Boarding School named after K.A. Davletkildeeva. Graduated from the Ufa State Academy of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov.

In recent years, I have devoted most of my work to astronomy. The sky surrounding the space of Nature, the Universe inspires me to new paintings. Shattered strokes on the canvas twist objects to the beat of the swirling Universe, fragile spheres are built through which, to meet the branched Life, the tremulous light of distant stars grows.

Welcome to Photon. Having graduated from the easel painter, I continue to observe and wonder at the obvious, how incredible. I am writing about the fine edges of astronomical landscapes, about Nature around us, where the familiar outlines of horizons, at the bottom of the air ocean, are framed in the velvet of the Universe.

In the work "The Birth of Consciousness", I wanted to show the full power of the tool for understanding human nature - and this tool is awareness. Against the background of the Universe, as a symbol of endless possibilities, in dense, interstellar clouds, passing through the stages of formation, a new light of a star is born, as a living light of awareness of the present moment.

"... And you, in a flash of insight Guessed by myself to the end. " Arseny Tarkovsky

"Maria Tikhomirova (Peddi). I was born in the small Russian town Ivanovo. I have been drawing for myself since childhood, and I didn’t think that it would become something serious, until at the age of 15 I was accidentally noticed by Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Chauzov, in whose studio I later studied for 8 years. Thus I was able to graduate from the Moscow State Institute of Geodesy and Cartography with a degree in design. Now I am immersed in modern painting, as its expressive language is closest to me, but at the same time, I am engaged in other important for me areas such as book illustration and collage. Carpentry and stone mosaic courses led me to work in the collage technique, where I use old magazines and newspapers. This materials corresponds to my concept of collage as an art of secondary. This is a new direction, which I want to develop. In book illustration I preserve the tradition of manual technique, I love the texture of watercolor and vivid drawing, but I am also glad to projects where I can use it in a new way and experiment with other techniques. My second totally different but huge part of life is my work as a circus artist in unicycle genre. Many of my plots and images I draw from atmosphere and events behind the scenes and all travels, which happened thanks to the circus. I like how in my life two such different areas are combined and how one affects the other, it allows me to see the world more multifaceted and open."

My name is Ksenia. I'm 18 years old, I live in Russia. It so happens that I didn't get an art education, so I studied on my own.I've had a hunt for creativity since I was three years old, but my first canvases were home wallpaper. I started drawing on a pen tablet at the age of twelve, and it wasn't until a year ago that I discovered oil painting and canvases. This fourth painting is written in oil. The oil has become the most convenient and suitable way to implement ideas, so at the moment I work exclusively with it.My goal is to convey a strong emotion through the canvas to awaken different feelings in the viewer. «The Renaissance of the Goddess Athens" is a picture that conveys a state of light and pure rebirth.We know the incarnation of the ancient Greek gods in the Renaissance, but time goes by and art appears before us in completely different incarnations. What is the modern view of ancient Greek mythology? I try to answer this question in my paintings.

Honorable Mention


"Tumbleweed Connection"


by David Black


"From Above the Clouds"

(digital photo on metal paper)

by Robert Bolla

$150 unframed


(acrylic and ink on canvas)

by Kayleigh Carroll

Prints €15 - 75

"Before the Storm"


by John Diephouse


"Star Gazing"


by Lindalee Holnes


"Night Sky"


by Christine O'Dell-Ferguson


"Star Pine"


by Kristopher Schoenleber



(digital collage)

by Mariya Todorina

"Skies" 2021 Show

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