The art that is created today is how this time period will be viewed tomorrow. We want to make a difference in the lives of artists as well as a positive change in the world.

"Red" 2020 Show

This show will run February 1-29, 2020. Artists from around the world were called to submit their work. There were 117 accepted entries and they came from 18 different states in the USA as well as 16 other locations: Australia, Belarus, Canada, China, Estonia, France, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. A variety of styles and mediums were entered, including but not limited to acrylic, aluminum, collage, digital, enamel, found objects, ink, lithography, mixed media, oil, pastel, pencil, photography, resin, and watercolor. The judging criterion was originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium. Other factors, such as the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online, as well as relating to the theme, also contributed to our decision. “Best of Show”, “First Place”, and “Second Place” winners received a monetary award in addition to special recognition.

We were very happy to donate 10% of all entry fees from this show to Red Cross. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world's largest humanitarian organization, providing assistance without discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. For more information, please visit their website Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, LLC is not affiliated with the Red Cross. It is our hope that this small act of kindness will blossom and grow to help someone else.

Thank you to all the artists who participated! Your talents and skills gave us a diverse body of work to create this attractive show.

Buyers- Please contact the artists directly for sales. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission, it is solely between the buyer and artist. You may find a link to the artist’s website or email address below their work.

Natalia Timokhina is an emerging artist born in Russia and currently based in Canada. With her art she explores the concept of freedom and moving away from outdated rules, frames and limitations.

Her interest in visual art emerged in childhood, although for the longest time she never seriously engaged with art. Instead, she explored law and economics as more “down to earth” subjects. But the creative spark was still there, waiting to be discovered.

Initially, Natalia turned to photography. A year course at the Moscow Academy of Photography and a 10-year photography practice gave her a strong background in composition, light and color, but she always felt that she wanted more freedom in creating art and expressing herself.

In 2016-2018 she studied at Igor Sakharov’s Fine Art School in Moscow, which helped her to develop her own painting style and form thematic preferences. With that new background, the process of art work creation started to flow easily and naturally.

Natalia’s preferred medium is oil due to its color depth and saturation, wide color palette and flexibility. She works mainly in expressionist style, which allows to convey human emotions in the most transparent way with the help of color, texture and composition.

She draws her inspiration from nature with its inexhaustible beauty and diversity. Along with that she is deeply concerned by the people’s irresponsible use of the biosphere. She translates all these emotions and concerns to viewers through her paintings, be it a still life with a modest daisy bouquet, an abstract work depicting wild fire in Australian woods or a Nelson Mandela portrait.

During all these times, Natalia has never forgotten her other passion - writing poems in her native Russian language. A number of her books have already been published, including a book of poems for children “From Three to Thirteen”, for which she had drawn more than 200 graphic illustrations.

Natalia hopes her arts bring more positivity into this complicated world.


· Two Special Recognition Awards in the 3rd annual art competition “Patterns, Textures & Forms” at Light, Space & Time Art Gallery in October 2019.

· Two Special Recognition Awards in the 9th annual art competition “SeaScapes 2019” at Light, Space & Time Art Gallery in November 2019.

· Finalist of the 5th annual art competition “Colorful Abstractions” at Fusion Art Gallery in December 2019.

· Two Honorable Mention Awards in the 1st art competition “Botanicals” at Art Room Gallery in December 2019


· “Patterns, Textures & Forms” juried online art exhibition at Light, Space & Time Art Gallery (USA), October 2019.

· “SeaScapes” juried online art exhibition at Light, Space & Time Art Gallery (USA), November 2019.

· 5th Annual Colorful Abstractions juried online art exhibition at Fusion Art Gallery (USA), December 2019.

· “Botanicals” juried online art exhibition at Art Room Gallery, December 2019.

Fine art website:

Fine art on Instagram: @nafeti_art

Photography website:

Poems for children on Instagram: @poems_for_children

Poetry website:

I am inspired by the urban environment In which our protagonist faces a choice: he can either pass by the helpless, as so many others have; or stop and take a moment to help others in need. He has taken a moment to stop. This gesture of kindness has made a huge difference in the lives of others. It is the small choices we make every day that have the capacity to make a change in the world.

I paint what I see. I strive to capture the essence and energy of my subjects, creating a one-on-one relationship between the viewer and the subject matter. Finding a way to capture that uniqueness with a paintbrush is my inspiration.

I’ve worked in many mediums, but prefer to paint with oils. With oil paint I can describe light and shadows in a way that help express the fullest depth of color and contrast. Because there is no ‘true black’ pigment in nature, I mix each of the darks and lights in my paintings using color combinations. Its subtle but helps the painting become ‘real’ to the eye.

If my paintings capture the life and energy of the subject matter then I have reached my goal.

Artist Statement

A native of New York City, I earned a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute. My instructors infused in me a thorough understanding of the human form, draftsmanship, composition and color, as well as stressing the importance of idea. I also developed an appreciation of the technical skills of the old masters, and in particular the genre painters whose images resonate across time.

My primary interest is in communicating a sense of what life is like in the twenty-first century. I find engaging scenarios everywhere, and am passionate about translating them to the canvas or panel, usually working on multiple pieces at a time. Realism offers me a way to express the commonality of human experience to the widest range of viewers, as well as allowing me to follow in the tradition of genre painting. This narrative realism has a contemporary feel, with references to technology, our diverse culture, and the influence of the fashion world.

I stop short of photorealism, instead employing a style that celebrates clarity without sacrificing the evidence of the human hand.

Honorable Mention


"Painted By The Wind"


by Jani Freimann

"Getting to the Heart"

(oil on canvas)

by Marcello La Neve

"Yūrei (detail)"

(oil on parachute cloth)

by Jocelyn MacDonald



by Liza Thompson


"Red" 2020 Show

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