The art that is created today is how this time period will be viewed tomorrow. We want to make a difference in the lives of artists as well as a positive change in the world.

"Yellow" 2017 Show

This show will run April 1-30, 2017. Artists from around the world were called to submit their work. There were 76 accepted entries came and they came from 14 different states and the District of Columbia in the USA as well as 10 other countries: Belarus, Canada, Georgia, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, and Ukraine. A variety of styles and mediums were entered including but not limited to, acrylic, collage, digital, gouache, marker, mixed media, oil, pastel, pen, pencil, photography, screen print, and watercolor. The judging criterion was originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium. Other factors, such as the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online, also contributed to our decision.“Best of Show”, “First Place”, and “Second Place” winners received a monetary award in addition to special recognition.

We were very happy to donate 10% of all entry fees from this show to Soles4Souls, a nonprofit agency that creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world. Their vision is to disrupt the cycle of poverty. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, LLC is not affiliated with Soles4Souls. It is our hope that this small act of kindness will blossom and grow to help someone else.

Thank you to all the artists who participated! Your talents and skills gave us a diverse body of work to create this attractive show.

Buyers- Please contact the artists directly for sales. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission, it is solely between the buyer and artist. You may find a link to the artist’s website or email address below their work.

I was born in 1968 in Minnesota. A favorite tale of my childhood is that my mother would often find my brother playing war games with army men, as I sat in a corner drawing them. I was four. Regional artists Thomas Hart Benton, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Roy Lichtenstein inspired me.

My early teenage years were spent in Cairo, Egypt. My work is influenced by the great architecture, sculpture, symbolism, hieroglyphs and expressive colors used in their paintings. At the age of fifteen, diagnosed with dyslexia, I moved back to the States to continue my education at the GOW School in South Wales, New York. Here I received encouragement and guidance from Fine Arts teacher Bill Parsons. Upon leaving the GOW School, I lived in Paris, France for a year which fueled my creative instincts further. I returned to the States and pursued a degree at Eastern New Mexico University.

After traveling the world for several years, I made my home in South Carolina where I use imagery to turn my life experiences into visual stories such as you will find here in The Night Garden.

Religion, politics, and human conflict are all important themes in my body of work. It is my desire that these images evoke moods and memories and create a compelling narrative. I am always looking for new visual symbols to reflect an emotion or ideal.

My work has been shown in galleries in both Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina and is currently featured in the Blessed Valley group exhibition through Tootsie Fine Art & Design in New South Wales, Australia.

Marina Mariarty is a Russian self-taught artist and illustrator. Being rather talented from childhood, she only started with painting and exhibiting within last two years, first as  a hobby, but after a while, painting became an important part of her life. Depicting landscapes of her frequent travels, dream visions, innuendo allegories and favorite books characters, Mariarty is taking us to her strange and magical world of beautiful mysteries. "The Magician", inspired by artist's love of fairy tales, is an image of a kind wizard, enigmatically smiling at a spectator with his different-colored eyes - blue and green and smoking pipe, at the same time keeping on with his own thoughts. Mariarty believes, that he can carry out wishes when asked. So, would You, dear friend, take a chance?

I was born in Tyumen, Russia, in 1983 in the family of artists. My parents became my first and sole teachers. I was studying at the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University within the period 2003-2008 years, specializing in marketing.

I have been going back to the artistry since the summer of 2016 year. I have been cultivating mural painting, glass-painting and fine painting on a by-order basis. Especially, I have been tuning to portrait-painting.

"In the arms of the universe"-

The idea of the work is a co-relation between the University and the Man, the Man and our Planet. The idea is expressed images and feeling. Yellow associates with light and energy, which are shown in the picture.

The Universe is painted in the image of a young woman, sensual and gentle. Her hair are stream dissolving into the cosmos space. She hold in arms an infant (child). The child personifies mankind as a whole and man as a unit. Our planet is situated on the hands of the child. Youth of consciousness and recklessness of man are in co-relation to our planet. Man uses resources, cuts down 

forests, pumps oil and gas, breaks into the very depths of the earth and the depths of the water, destroying the environment, destroying the living on earth, like a child in whose hands the toy is a ball. That is why the picture depicts a child in whose hands our planet is. The universe is depicted as a loving mother, forgiving her child (infant) of his pranks. Her gaze is fixed on him. She wants her child to love her land and understand WHAT is in his hands. The red color of the baby's clothes personifies the development of mankind not by peaceful, but sometimes bloody way (war and description). The expression of the child's face is tense and thoughtful, his gaze is fixed on the planet that is in his hands. He understands...

Honorable Mention


"Diane! Daisy Yellow"

(acrylic paint underlay/black screen print/ gold leaf)

by Michi Broussard


"Miss Peanut"


by Jodie Kain

"Gov. Nicholls St. Wharf, New Orleans"


by Les Schmidt


"I know everything"


by Ekaterina Zhavoronok

"Yellow" 2017 Show

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