The art that is created today is how this time period will be viewed tomorrow. We want to make a difference in the lives of artists as well as a positive change in the world.

"Landscapes" 2017 Show

This show will run  October 1-31, 2017. Artists from around the world were called to submit their work. There were 99 accepted entries and they came from 14 different states in the USA as well as 8 other countries: Australia, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Simferopol, and Ukraine.  A variety of styles and mediums were entered, including but not limited to, acrylic, airbrush, colored pencil, gouache, house paint, mixed media, oil, and watercolor. The judging criterion was originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium. Other factors, such as the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online, also contributed to our decision. “Best of Show”, “First Place”, and “Second Place” winners received a monetary award in addition to special recognition.

We were very happy to donate 10% of all entry fees from this show to the Global Food Initiative. GFI assists hungry people in developing food security and they have raised over $8,000,000 for community development projects in numerous countries around the globe. For more information about GFI please visit their website. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, LLC is not affiliated with the Global Food Initiative. It is our hope that this small act of kindness will blossom and grow to help someone else.

Thank you to all the artists who participated! Your talents and skills gave us a diverse body of work to create this attractive show.

Buyers- Please contact the artists directly for sales. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission, it is solely between the buyer and artist. You may find a link to the artist’s website or email address below their work.

My father was an artist. One of my earliest memories is of my knocking over his ink bottle and ruining the drawing he was working on. He took it pretty well, considering. He started taping the ink bottle to his drawing table instead of making me stay away.

I learned a lot about design and composition from him and the dozens of art books he had, but more importantly, I learned to see, to really look at something. As I grew older, I didn’t think I’d become an artist, but the pull of seeing and wanting to record the image and the feeling of what I see became too great to resist. I took an art class my final semester at the University of Texas and returned a couple of years later to take a few more. I’ve been painting in oils now for more than 35 years and now do so full time after a career in design and illustration.

In my landscapes, I’m interested in subjects that are compelling for just a few moments. I want to recreate the feeling when I was there more than try to record an exact scene. I also paint still life and people, but all have the feeling of the still life, a moment frozen but not static.

I am a native of New Hampshire and have lived in Austin for 40 years. My Web site is When you visit, be sure to check out the video section where you can watch my entire process of creating a small, realistic oil painting.

I live in Moscow but was born in Georgia and I can tell a lot about her. In a few words, Georgia is a very beautiful country with a big and interesting history. In the territory of this small country, there are more than 3000 monuments of architecture from the 4th century AD. There are monuments and artifacts of an earlier time. Georgia is a real paradise for historians and photographers.

Fortress Ananuri, was the castle and residence of Eristavi (dukes) of Aragvi, a feudal dynasty that ruled the area from the 13th century. The castle was the site of numerous battles.

About Alexander Novitskiy.

I am an artist, I was born in Georgia in 1960, studied at the Stroganov Academy in Moscow. I'm engaged in painting, graphics, and very fond of photography. Some of my work is right here

Second Place

Artist Statement

Rupali Kumbhani was born in Mumbai, India and was very fond of drawing from childhood. She started drawing at the age of 8. Seeing her skills, her mother enrolled Rupali in classes and workshops with different artists to learn different media. At age of 15, she had painted collection of art works using Charcoal, Watercolor and Pencil.

Rupali’s art journey was interrupted by her education and career path. But when she moved to United States, she started following her calling. She started working with pastel and oil painters, who enlighten her world with new media. After working on several media, Rupali has selected Pastel and Watercolor as the medium to pursue. During this period, she also started flourishing in her photography skills. Rupali does not have any formal art education, but she is blessed to work with very talented artists who have shared their knowledge with her.

Rupali has a love for travel. Her paintings and photographs are inspired by the places she visits and people she meets. With her visual work, she tries to capture a moment or memory from her life which relates to her viewer. Rupali is an International award winning artist and photographer, taking Best of Show, first and second prize ribbons in multiple contests throughout world and also in online shows. In 2015, she started an art company rupAali – an extra ‘A’ for ART. This is an online art shop which sells Rupali’s original paintings, cards and several types of prints of her paintings and photographs.

About "Fall Path"

When I moved to Chicago from Mumbai, the beautiful fall colors was the only blessing in the preparation of cold winter. When I stepped out of my house, first time I saw thousands fallen leaves created a colorful Kashmir rug that warmed the earth underneath; thousands of leaves remained on the trees awaiting their contribution to its colorful and flowery design. This Kashmir rug was better than any I had ever seen from India or any other Asian country; it was a rug knotted together only for me. So I tried to capture that memory in my painting. But rather than just mimicking color on the paper I incorporated real fall leaves and branches in my painting. The layers of tissue paper create the depth in texture of the painting. I have created entire fall collection out of my love for the fall colors. This was the Second painting in the series. I hope this painting feels your life with beautiful colors as it did mine.

Honorable Mention


"Lake Mohonk"


by Kathy Brady


"Red Top Bait Shop"

(oil on canvas)

by Crista Bromley


"Placid evening"

(oil on hardboard)

by Alexandre Crault


"In the marshes"

(oil on canvas)

by Danil Danilovskii

700 euro

"Peaceful Silence Interchangeable Triptych"

(acrylic on canvas)

by Eugene Kuperman



(oil on canvas)

by Chernaya Rechka

"Landscapes" 2017 Show

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