The art that is created today is how this time period will be viewed tomorrow. We want to make a difference in the lives of artists as well as a positive change in the world.

This show will run December 1-31, 2014. Artists from around the world were called to submit their work. .  Multiple accepted entries came from the USA and 2 other countries, Canada and United Kingdom. Although this is our smallest show, it is certainly a show of quality, not quantity. A variety of styles and mediums were entered including, acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed media, photography, embroidery, ink, enamel, resin, and spray paint. The judging criterion was originality, interpretation, quality, demonstration of ability, and usage of medium. Other factors, such as the clarity of the images provided and their ability to be viewed online, also contributed to the decision. “Best of Show”, “First Place”, and “Second Place” winners received a monetary award in addition to special recognition.

We were very happy to donate to Samaritan’s Purse with 10% of all entry fees from this show. It is our hope that this small act of kindness will blossom and grow to help someone else. Please visit for more information.

Thank you to all the artists who participated! Your talents and skills gave us a diverse body of work to create this attractive show.

Buyers- Please contact the artists directly for sales. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery does not handle any part of the sale or collect any commission, it is solely between the buyer and artist. You may find a link to the artist’s website or email address below their work.

Best of Show

"Innocence" (oil on linen) by Anna Rose Bain

"Innocence" (oil on linen) by Anna Rose Bain

Anna Rose Bain was born (1985) and raised in rural Wisconsin. She began drawing from the moment she could pick up a pencil. Inspired by her grandfather, who started painting at the age of 70, she spent her free time as a child sketching from nature and poring over art books. She was home schooled up through high school, giving her the opportunity to focus on art. Her primary medium was colored pencil until she began classes at Hillsdale College, majoring in Art. There, she fell in love with oils and decided to focus her studies on painting. Her strong background in drawing helped her to launch forward in advanced classes such as figure painting and sculpture. Under classical instruction and rigorous technical training, Anna excelled in the Hillsdale art department, sweeping juried art awards every semester. She received a full scholarship for her senior year, allowing her to attend summer painting classes at the Florence Academy of Art in 2006. She was the first student in Hillsdale College's history to have a solo senior exhibit, and she graduated in 2007 with departmental honors.

Anna now resides in Garland, TX with her husband, Steve, and their daughter Cecelia. She works full-time as a fine art oil painter and commissioned portrait artist, teaches private painting lessons and workshops, and is actively involved in the local arts communities. Having had such inspiring teachers and role models in her own life, she firmly believes in sharing her passion and knowledge of classical art with other aspiring artists, as well as showing practical ways to stay up to date in today's changing art market. Anna is a member of the Oil Painters of America and American Women Artists. She also serves as Texas Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America. Her award-winning work can be found in numerous private and public collections around the world. She is represented by Weiler House Fine Art in Fort Worth, TX.

Anna’s classical style both idealizes the subject and captures its true essence, while employing a direct painting method. She draws her inspiration from the joys and struggles in her life. Her paintings are an expression of gratitude and an exploration of the questions one faces at different stages of their life. Her award-winning painting, “Innocence,” is a celebration of life, and expresses the freedom of childhood, unencumbered by the heaviness of responsibility. Both children and adults alike can benefit from leaving the mess for later, dancing to the music, and allowing themselves to be free.

First Place

"Celebration of Love" (acrylic) by Daniella Willett-Rabin

"Celebration of Love" (acrylic) by Daniella Willett-Rabin

Daniella Willett-Rabin attended a visual arts high school in Salamanca, Spain and learned more traditional art forms like ceramics, figure drawing, ironwork, technical drawing, and wood working among others courses. As a young child most of her time was spent drawing and painting, but by middle school her interest was mostly consumed by drumming and percussion. Although she enjoyed her art classes in high school she almost dropped out because she was playing drums in a cover band that would travel to other towns to perform. Luckily she was convinced to stay in art school!

After around ten years of focusing on drumming she finally decided to go to college. she wanted to find a profession that was related to the arts in some way. She was introduced to the idea of art therapy and completed the courses all the way up to her internship. She realized she was too selfish in her  need to just create art for herself and changed paths once again, pursuing a degree in illustration. She thought that it would be a happy medium between graphic design and the fine arts in terms of making a living creating art. Now that she is out of college she is mostly doing fine art and is very content to paint what her heart desires.

At this point her artistic goal is to bridge her past interests, changing her drumming into patterns on the canvas, and connecting the sentimentality she explored in art therapy into the images she paints.

Second Place

"Twins" (oil on canvas) by Adriana Hernandez

"Twins" (oil on canvas) by Adriana Hernandez

Adriana S Hernandez was born on May 20, 1967, in Mexico DF. While in Mexico she became an elementary school teacher. It was not until she came to the United States that her formal training as an artist took place. In 2011 she graduated the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford getting a Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts. It was at the University of Pittsburgh where she won several awards; The Laing Creative Arts awards in Arts and Music and the Braisdell Hall Permanent Student Award. She later pursued a Master of Fine Arts in painting at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco California obtaining her degree in 2014. She currently exhibits her work at Aardvark in Ellicottville, New York and Art Depot in Kane Pennsylvania and Ink Well in Allegany NY. She is presently working as a portrait and landscape artist in Bradford Pennsylvania where she resides with her twin daughters.

"Celebrate" 2014 Show- (click on any image for more details or to view in gallery style)

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